QUICK III is a rapid hematology staining system utilizing three prepared solutions. The essential eosin and thiazine staining solutions are manufactured using certified dyes and quality controlled tested on human blood smears. The convenient 15 second slide dip procedure results in stained smears comparable to Wright-Giemsa protocols. Staining times may be altered to vary the eosinophilic or basophilic staining as desired.

Additionally, QUICK III has been formulated to provide superior results when used as an Andrology stain. Users will be pleased with the differentiation of immature sperm and white blood cells and the excellent resolution achieved in the staining of the head, neck and tail piece. The variety of packaging configurations will suit the needs of even the largest laboratory performing manual differentials.

Product Offerings
5303Quick III Stat-Pak3oz. (3)
5316Quick III Set16oz. (3
5317Quick III Fixative16oz.
5318Quick III Solution I16oz.
5319Quick III Solution II16oz.
5328Quick III Fixative**Gallon
5329Quick III Solution IGallon
5330Quick III Solution IIGallon

** Hazardous Material, will incur an additional charge when shipped via UPS.

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