Stains & Reagents for the Wescor Aerospray™

Astral Diagnostics has modified the traditional Romanowsky formulation and prepared aqueous solutions that result in stained slides which provide accurate staining patterns and reproducible results.

The essential eosin and thiazine staining solutions are complimented by the available rinse and fixative agents which contribute to the superior staining of the eosinophilic and basophilic cell components.
Item No.Description 
Product Offerings
5340Solution A, Rinse (Wescor)16oz.
5341Solution B, Thiazine16oz.
5342Solution C, Eosin16oz.
5343Solution D, Fixative16oz.
5344Solution A, RinseGallon
5345Solution B, ThiazineGallon
5346Solution C, EosinGallon
5347 Solution D, Fixative**Gallon
** Hazardous Material, will incur an additional charge when shipped via UPS. 
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