Eosin Solutions

Eosin Y 1% Alcoholic is a cytoplasmic stain that when used in the hematoxylin and eosin staining procedure provides excellent definition of cell components in shades of red and pink. It is an excellent counterstain contrasting the blue nuclear hematoxylin stain.

Intensified Eosin and Eosin-Phloxine have been formulated to provide the user with increased definition of the cytoplasmic components. These innovative modified eosin counterstains are substituted for Eosin Y 1% Alcoholic in the staining procedure. Timing may be varied to achieve the desired depth of staining intensity.

Product Offerings
7005Eosin Y 1% Alcoholic32oz
7006Eosin Y 1% Alcoholic**Gallon
7007Eosin Y Intensified32oz
7008Eosin Y Intensified**Gallon
7009Eosin Y Phloxine32oz
7010Eosin Y Phloxine**Gallon

** Hazardous Material, will incur an additional charge when shipped via UPS.

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