Papanicolaou Stains

Astral Diagnostics provides an assortment of cytology products. Papanicolaou stains are used in conjunction with Hematoxylin nuclear stains in the diagnosis of malignant cytological diseases.

Gynecological staining protocols use either EA-36 or EA-50 and OG-6 together with a hematoxylin nuclear stain while non-gyncological procedures require the use of EA-65.

Astral's EASYpap staining solution provides the user with a single solution counterstain. This stain is a substitute for traditional Pap stain product offerings. Desired staining results are achieved through the action of a mordant and the natural affinities o! of the dye components to various tissues.

Product Offerings
7026Pap Stain, EA-3632oz
7027Pap Stain, EA-36**Gallon
7028Papstam, EA-5032oz
7029Pap Stain, EA-50**Gallon
7030Pap Stain, EA-6532oz
7031Pap Stain, EA-65**Gallon
7032Pap Stain, EA-65** 2.5Gallon
7033Pap Stain, EA-50** 2.5Gallon
7042Pap Stain, OG-632oz
7043Pap Stain, OG-6**Gallon
7044Pap Stain, OG-6** 2.5Gallon

** Hazardous Material, will incur an additional charge when shipped via UPS.

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