Acid Fast Stains

Available are both the Kinyoun and Ziehl-Neelsen acid fast stain staining sets, Gomori Trichrome stain as well as a variety of other stains and reagents commonly found in the microbiology laboratory. All products are manufactured to a strict quality assurance protocol.
Product Offerings
6300AFB Set, Kinyoun, Brilliant Green3x8oz
6409AFB Set, Kinyoun, Methylene Blue3x8oz
6310AFB Replacement, Fuchsin Carbol3x8oz
6320AFB Replacement, Decolorizer3x8oz
6330AFB Replacement, Brilliant Green3x8oz
6509AFB Set, Ziehl-Neelsen3x8oz
6510AFB Replacement, Fuchsin Carbol3x8oz
6520AFB Replacement, Decolorizer3x8oz
6530AFB Replacement, Methylene Blue3x8oz

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