Gram Stain

Microguard Gram stain sets and component replacements are specifically formulated for differential staining of bacteria from cultures or patient specimens. Gram stain sets and reagents offer the laboratory a choice of stabilized iodine or traditional, non-stabilized iodine and are in a variety of sizes to meet the needs of laboratory personnel.

Product Offerings - Kits
6060Gram Stain Set, Stabilized Iodine4x2oz
6250Gram Stain Set, Traditional4x8oz
6400Gram Stain Set, Stabilized Iodine4x8oz
6251Crystal Violet Replacement4x8oz
6252Iodine Replacement, Traditional4x8oz
6253Iodine Replacement, Stabilized4x8oz
6254Decolorizer Replacement4x8oz
6255Decolorizer Replacement 1:14x8oz
6256Safranin Replacement4x8oz
6500Gram Stain Set, Traditional4x16oz
6600Gram Stain Set, Stabilized Iodine4x16oz
6501Crystal Violet Replacement4x16oz
6502Iodine Replacement, Traditional4x16oz
6552Iodine Replacement, Stabilized4x16oz
6504Decolorizer Replacement 75:254x16oz
6505Decolorizer Replacement 1:14x16oz
6506Safranin Replacement4x16oz

If you would like to place an order please email or call 1-800-441-0366.

Product Offerings - Components
6081Crystal Violet8oz
6161Crystal Violet16oz
6928Crystal VioletGallon
6084Decolorizer, 75:258oz
6164Decolorizer, 75:2516oz
6931Decolorizer, 75:25**Gallon
6932Decolorizer, 1:1**Gallon
6705Fungal Tzanck Stain1oz
6090-16Gentian Violet, 1%16oz
6091-04Gentian Violet, 2%4oz
6091-16Gentian Violet, 2%16oz
6908Gomori Trichrome8oz
6909Gomori Trichrome16oz
6583-02Iodine, Lugol’s Working Solution2oz
6583Iodine, Lugol’s Working Solution16oz
6584-02DIodine, Lugol’s Conc. Dropper2oz
6584-04Iodine, Lugol’s Concentrate4oz
6584-16Iodine, Lugol’s Concentrate16oz
6929Iodine, Lugol’s WorkingGallon
6082Iodine, Stabilized8oz
6162Iodine, Stabilized16oz
6472Iodine, StabilizedGallon
6701-04Lacto Phenol Cotton Blue4oz
6701-16Lacto Phenol Cotton Blue16oz
6710Malachite Green 1% Aqueous16oz
6550Methylene Blue, 1%16oz
6551Methylene Blue, 1%4oz
6558Methylene Blue, Loeffler16oz
6559Methylene Blue, Loeffler4oz
6561-15Sternheimer Malbin Stain15mL
6561-02Sternheimer Malbin Stain2oz
6561-04Sternheimer Malbin Stain4oz
6054-04Toluidine Blue, 1%4oz
6054-16Toluidine Blue, 1%16oz

** Hazardous Material, will incur an additional charge when shipped via UPS.