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About Us

We are a manufacturer of high-quality diagnostic stains and laboratory reagents. Founded in 1999 and acquired by Polysciences in 2015, we have spent 20 years committed to excellence in the chemicals industry. Our top priority is to ensure that our customers’ needs are met with timeliness and care in a cost-conscious manner. We continue to proudly serve suppliers, the medical market, and academic community with a commitment to provide superior service and quality products.

Our commitment to service
We have trained experts on our staff with deep knowledge and experience using dyes and stains in laboratory settings. This enables us to understand issues and come up with quick, executable solutions. Most suppliers (lab product distributors and general reagent manufacturers) do not have the skills or experience on-call for a lab technician. We understand the frustration and urgency you may be feeling when you are having issues with stains. We’ll help investigate the issue to find a solution and/or provide an alternative product to quickly solve the problem. We also help assess your protocol and suggest modifications if it needs tweaking for the best results. We will help you be more successful for the customers you serve.

Our commitment to quality
Our commitment to quality is why we offer on-staff experts in the fields of hematology, histology, cytology, and microbiology. Here are just a few ways we’ve committed ourselves to quality for our customers:

When we do performance testing, we mimic (test our dyes and stains) using the instruments technicians are currently using in the field. You could easily test the chemical formulation to make sure the dyes concentration is adequate, but we go one step further and test our products in-use (manually and on auto-stainers) to make sure they meet our performance criteria of excellent intensity and differentiation of target cellular components.

We are fully integrated and produce our own dyes, allowing us to control the process and product quality. In addition, we find ways to decrease lot-to-lot variability by sourcing our raw materials in large batches. You get the same consistent, high quality performance with each shipment. In fact, consistency is a key performance indicator we measure against.

Our commitment to you
At the end of the day, we do all these things to serve one customer: you.

If you have questions, call one of our application experts at 800-441-0366 or email technicalservice@astraldiagnostics.com.