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Contract Manufacturing

Astral Diagnostics Inc. is a fully integrated manufacturer of dyes, stains and reagents for clinical, veterinary and laboratory diagnostics. We understand that certain systems require product optimization. We can provide custom formulations and have the ability to scale production from mL to L. Astral Diagnostics private label manufacturers for leading diagnostic instrument companies and laboratory product distributors; and markets high-performance biological stains and reagents under the Astral Diagnostics brand.

Decades of experience formulating and producing high-performance stains that will consistently yield slides with excellent differentiation of target cellular components

Deep application knowledge with on-staff experts in hematology, histology, cytology and microbiology help customers troubleshoot issues and improve product selection & stain procedures

Multi-discipline team of chemists, biochemists and certified medical laboratory technicians paired with state-of-the-art labs, analytical equipment and clinical instruments enables Astral to develop new products and custom formulations for our customers. Contact us today at info@AstralDiagnostics.com to learn what we can formulate for you!